We work with companies that need web apps, but they have limited resources or another specialty.

Our team takes upon ourselves all technical aspects and spare you from getting into the nuts and bolts of development process.

working with us is about speaking price-terms-results language


  • PWA
  • API
  • Project development and support


We follow the latest trends in the field and are constantly growing.
In doing so we keep our cool and implement modern technologies reasonably.

Our tech stack allows us to create stable services in a short time with a room for scaling.

  • Frontend

    React, Redux, Vue.js, ES6, webpack, Ghost, Gatsby, 11y, WebGL, WebAR, scss, jss, Canvas, HTML 5 Media API, WebSockets, three.js, next.js, storybook, slate.js

  • API and Server solutions

    python, django, DRF, FastAPI, aiohttp, nodejs, Express, GraphQL, Puppeteer, Elasticsearch, pytorch, pandas

  • Databases

    PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MongoDB, InfluxDB, ClickHouse

  • Storage

    redis, Varnish Cache, memcahed

  • Infrastructure

    docker, ansible, gitlab ci, nginx, traefik proxy

  • Cloud

    AWS [EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, Route 53, SNS, SQS], DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, Cloudflare workers, serverless

  • Desktop


  • Mobile

    Flutter, React Native

  • Third-party APIs

    Google Maps/Drive/Auth, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Airtable, Figma, Sendgrid, Github, Bitbucket, Trello, HipChat, Slack, Jira, Dropbox Business, Asana, Zendesk, Toggl, Quay.io, ActiveCampaign, Outlook, Twilio

  • Payment systems

    Stripe, PayPal, CloudPayments

Why is working with us profitable?

Our team members are pragmatists who have a broad view of targets so we can offer you something more than just tech solutions.

New technologies, frameworks and approaches only serve us in saving on development cost and faster market entry.

We are good at counting resourcesand work easily
within the limitations

And we also…

  • develop a scalable frontend code;
  • easily cooperate with other teams;
  • are constantly hands-on with our projects, sharing feedbacks, opinions and initiatives;
  • сan develop highload projects (1000 rps and 2M unique users a day);
  • сan elaborate your concept from a few abstracts into fully-fledged specification;
  • сan do urgent projects with limited functions in a short time;
  • order servers, can calculate infrastructure cost, work with support;
  • recruit experts in other fields (designers, 3D artists and mobile developers), assemble a project team;
  • can do long-term projects, keep pace, carry out release management processes, plan the work and take care of backlog state.

We already have more than 60 wide-range projects done. Among them are:

  • several aggregators, booking platforms;
  • 10s shops;
  • some video rendering services;
  • event sites with high traffic and wide geographic scope;
  • bazillion landing pages;
  • audio streaming platform, call center panel, e-learning platform, 2 CRMs, a number of health tech projects and many more.

Discuss your project

During our work we’ve collected lots of cases, successful and instructive alike.

We’ll happily share them with you in real-life communication.